Performance at "85 Presents.." poetry and performance event in a squatted venue at Hackney, London

"How much I spent? What on where?
I spent in crap and my fucking existence costs 0.50 pence per hour!

A social and economic review to the expenses.
Today we live in a world where big tall edifications (taller than Cathedrals) raise hundreds of stories with little rat wholes for a lot of people to go and spent 8 hrs a day, five days a week during all their lives in exchange of a "number" symbolised in a piece of paper or a screen which because fo their faith and devotion, gives them the power to live! and continue paying their monthly bills which come across as a receipt that tell us how much we had spent in.... This is the game.
(durational performance where i did an installation with receipt papers i have collected since 3 months ago).